Dental – Sem-2



Man &His Environment  (DE-ENV-127)

Acid base balanceAction potentialAir Pollution
BODY FLUIDchemical hazardsHousing & Health
Man & NaturePhysical Hazardssoil pollution
temp. regulationWaste DisposalThe autonomic nervous system




Human Growth And Development – ME-GROW-125

physiological changes during pregnancyphyssiological changes during pubertyana molakhas general embryology 2019
embryology quizzfertilization ,gastrulationFetal Development
Fetal_Membranesl2_embryologyN.S. 100 Lecture 13 – Gametogenesis 10.21.08
StagesofFetalDevelopmentReview 1st weekHUMAN EMBRYOLOGY
Gametogenesis 1  




Behavioral science (ME-BEHAV-128)

1&2&3.Introduction& BEHAVIOURAL SCIENCE3.Personality4.Determinant of Human Behavior seeking beh7.Behavior Measurement issues8. Behaviour Disorders(1)
9.Health and Demography10.modification11.counseling
12.communication13. stress14.violence (2)
15.Substance Abuse





Principles of disease –I (DE-DIS-212)


introduction to courseintroduction to immuologyIntroduction to Parasitology
L19-introduction to virology-1L-20 replication and pathogenisisL-22polio
L-23 hepatitis-1L25 herpesAntibiotics 11#
Mycologynormal floraG+ve
classificationBacterial StructureIdentification
HIV 1Polio virusSpirochetes#




Molecular Biology and Genetics

Molecular Biology and GENETICS [889]




Biostatistics ME-STAT-117

1,2,3_4 The theory of statistics and basic definitionsLecture 5,6 probability _Probabilistic features of certain data Distributions
Lecture 7,8 Population mean and confident intervalsLecture 9 ,10 Assign research hypothesis, analyze data_ Vital statistics