Dental – Sem-2



Man &His Environment  (DE-ENV-127)

Acid base balance Action potential Air Pollution
BODY FLUID chemical hazards Housing & Health
Man & Nature Physical Hazards soil pollution
temp. regulation Waste Disposal The autonomic nervous system




Human Growth And Development – ME-GROW-125

physiological changes during pregnancy physsiological changes during puberty ana molakhas general embryology 2019
embryology quizz fertilization ,gastrulation Fetal Development
Fetal_Membranes l2_embryology N.S. 100 Lecture 13 – Gametogenesis 10.21.08
StagesofFetalDevelopment Review 1st week HUMAN EMBRYOLOGY
Gametogenesis 1    




Behavioral science (ME-BEHAV-128)

1&2&3.Introduction& BEHAVIOURAL SCIENCE 3.Personality 4.Determinant of Human Behavior seeking beh 7.Behavior Measurement issues 8. Behaviour Disorders(1)
9.Health and Demography 10.modification 11.counseling
12.communication 13. stress 14.violence (2)
15.Substance Abuse





Principles of disease –I (DE-DIS-212)


introduction to course introduction to immuology Introduction to Parasitology
L19-introduction to virology-1 L-20 replication and pathogenisis L-22polio
L-23 hepatitis-1 L25 herpes Antibiotics 11#
Malaria Mycobacteria# Candida
Mycology normal flora G+ve
classification Bacterial Structure Identification
HIV 1 Polio virus Spirochetes#




Molecular Biology and Genetics

Molecular Biology and GENETICS [889]




Biostatistics ME-STAT-117

1,2,3_4 The theory of statistics and basic definitions Lecture 5,6 probability _Probabilistic features of certain data Distributions
Lecture 7,8 Population mean and confident intervals Lecture 9 ,10 Assign research hypothesis, analyze data_ Vital statistics