Pharmacy-Semester – 8




  L-1 Introduction  L-2 Glaucoma
  L-3 Age related macular degeneration  L – 4 Common Ocular Conditions
  L-5 Ocular side effects of drugs  L- 6 Ocular Preperations
  T-1 Glaucoma  T-2 Age related macular degeneration
  T-4 Ocular side effects of drugs




L-1, Introduction to orthopedicL-2, OsteoarthritisL-3, Osteoporosis
L-4, 5 and 6, Connective Tssue DisorderL-7, OsteomyelitisL-8 and 9, Fractures
L-10 and 11, Gout and hyperuraceimiaL-12, 13 and 14, Rheumatoid ArthritisT-1 and 2, Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis
T-3 and 4, Connective Tissue disorderT-5, OsteomylitisT-6, Fractures
T-7 and 8, Gout and hyperuraceimiaT-9 and 10, Rheumatoid arthritis 



Emergency Medicine


L-1 Introduction to Emergency Medicine for Clinical PharmacistL-3 Acute decompensated heart failure (ADHF)T-2 ADHF
L-6 BurnT-6 BurnL-10 Cardiac arrest
L-9 CPRL-4 DKASalicylate toxicity
L-5 Septic shock L-7, L-8 Status EpilepticusT-7 Status Epilepticus
L-12, L-13 StrokeT-11 Stroke tutorialL-2 Asthma Emergency
T-1 Emergency AsthmaCCB toxicityT-10 MI



Internal Medicine

L-1 Introduction to (IM) the courseL-2 AKIL-3 CKD
L-4, L-5 Liver DiseaseL-6, L-7, L-8 Pituitary gland Disorders and Adrenal Gland disordersL-9 IBD
L-10 ConstipationL-11 Peptic Ulcer DiseaseL-12, L-13 GERD
L-14, L-15, L-16 AND L-17 Diabetes MellitusL-18, L19, L-20, L21 Thyroid DisordersT-1 AKI
T-2 CKDT-3, T4 _ T5..Alcoholic Liver Disease tutorialT-6 Pitutary Tutorials
T-7 Adrenal tutorialT-8 IBD (UC) tutorialT-9 Constipation tutorial
T-9 IBS tutorialT-10, P11 PUD and GERD tutorialT-12 Diabetes Mellitus pdf
T-13, T-14, T-15, T-16, T-17 BNF QUESTIONS PBLT-18 Thyroid disordersT-19, T-20, T-21, T-22, T-23 Internal Medicine Tutorial



 Chest and Cardiology

L 11COPDL 12-14 Heart failure
L15-18 Arrthythmia 2-1L 19-20 Dyslipidemia
L 21-22 Acute Coronary Syndrome T-1 HTN case
T-3 PAD caseT-2 Thrombosis case
T-5 CHF caseT-4 COPD case
T-7 CAD caseT-6 Arrhythmia case


General Surgery

AnesthesiaAntibiotic ProphylaxisAntimicrobial
Basic Patient ProfileIntroduction surgeryMedical Notes
Medication RecociliationPerioperative care (2)Perioperative care-Tutorial


medical ethics & forensic pharmacy


Medical(13)nullnull (1)
null (2)  



introduction to dermaIntroduction(DE)Drug induced skin disorders
AcneAcne caseScabies
Fungal infection