Pharmacy-Semester – 8




  L-1 Introduction   L-2 Glaucoma
  L-3 Age related macular degeneration   L – 4 Common Ocular Conditions
  L-5 Ocular side effects of drugs   L- 6 Ocular Preperations
  T-1 Glaucoma   T-2 Age related macular degeneration
  T-4 Ocular side effects of drugs




L-1, Introduction to orthopedic L-2, Osteoarthritis L-3, Osteoporosis
L-4, 5 and 6, Connective Tssue Disorder L-7, Osteomyelitis L-8 and 9, Fractures
L-10 and 11, Gout and hyperuraceimia L-12, 13 and 14, Rheumatoid Arthritis T-1 and 2, Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis
T-3 and 4, Connective Tissue disorder T-5, Osteomylitis T-6, Fractures
T-7 and 8, Gout and hyperuraceimia T-9 and 10, Rheumatoid arthritis  



Emergency Medicine


L-1 Introduction to Emergency Medicine for Clinical Pharmacist L-3 Acute decompensated heart failure (ADHF) T-2 ADHF
L-6 Burn T-6 Burn L-10 Cardiac arrest
L-9 CPR L-4 DKA Salicylate toxicity
L-5 Septic shock  L-7, L-8 Status Epilepticus T-7 Status Epilepticus
L-12, L-13 Stroke T-11 Stroke tutorial L-2 Asthma Emergency
T-1 Emergency Asthma CCB toxicity T-10 MI



Internal Medicine

L-1 Introduction to (IM) the course L-2 AKI L-3 CKD
L-4, L-5 Liver Disease L-6, L-7, L-8 Pituitary gland Disorders and Adrenal Gland disorders L-9 IBD
L-10 Constipation L-11 Peptic Ulcer Disease L-12, L-13 GERD
L-14, L-15, L-16 AND L-17 Diabetes Mellitus L-18, L19, L-20, L21 Thyroid Disorders T-1 AKI
T-2 CKD T-3, T4 _ T5..Alcoholic Liver Disease tutorial T-6 Pitutary Tutorials
T-7 Adrenal tutorial T-8 IBD (UC) tutorial T-9 Constipation tutorial
T-9 IBS tutorial T-10, P11 PUD and GERD tutorial T-12 Diabetes Mellitus pdf
T-13, T-14, T-15, T-16, T-17 BNF QUESTIONS PBL T-18 Thyroid disorders T-19, T-20, T-21, T-22, T-23 Internal Medicine Tutorial



 Chest and Cardiology

L 11COPD L 12-14 Heart failure
L15-18 Arrthythmia 2-1 L 19-20 Dyslipidemia
L 21-22 Acute Coronary Syndrome T-1 HTN case
T-3 PAD case T-2 Thrombosis case
T-5 CHF case T-4 COPD case
T-7 CAD case T-6 Arrhythmia case


General Surgery

Anesthesia Antibiotic Prophylaxis Antimicrobial
Basic Patient Profile Introduction surgery Medical Notes
Medication Recociliation Perioperative care (2) Perioperative care-Tutorial


medical ethics & forensic pharmacy


Medical(1) Medical(2) Medical(3)
Medical(4) Medical(5) Medical(6)
Medical(7) Medical(8) Medical(9)
Medical(10) Medical(11) Medical(12)
Medical(13) null null (1)
null (2)    



introduction to derma Introduction(DE) Drug induced skin disorders
Acne Acne case Scabies
Eczema Photosensitivity PSORIASIS
Fungal infection