Computer Science & Information Technology – Semester -4


Database Programming


Lec 1-Introduction to the course Lec 2-ClientServer Databases and the Oracle 10g Relational Database
Lec 3-Creating and Modifying Lec 4-Using SQL Queries to Insert Lec 5-Using SQL Queries to Insert
Lec 6-Single-Row Functions Lec 7-Aggregating Data Using Group Functions Lec 8-Displaying Data from Multiple Tables
Lec 9-PLSQL Lec 10-PLSQL Lec 11-PLSQL
Lec 12-Writing Control Structures Lec 13-Cursors Lec 14-Handling Exceptions
Lec 15- Form Builder    





Computer Architecture

Introduction to the course Introduction RISC
A Top-Level View of Computer Function and Interconnection Cache Memory-1 Cache Memory -2
Computer Evolution Computer Performance Internal Memory
Memory Management Operating System Support Processor structure and function



Data Structure

Introduction to Data Structure Introduction to the course11 Analysis Tools
Arrays AVLtree binary  search tree
Binary Trees graph Hashing
Heaps queue recursion
Sorted Arrays stack trees




Economic and forecasting

LEC1&2&3-Economic and Forecasting LEC4-5-6-TIME SERIES MODELS



Human Computer interaction

Lec 1-Introduction to The Course HCI LEC2&LEC3-Introduction HCI
LEC4&LEC5-What is HCI Lec6-HCI Tools and Usabiliy
LEC-7-8-9 Principles HCI Projects Groups-HCI



Information Technology

Internet Technology

Internet Technology lec 2 Internet Technology lec -3
Internet Technology  lec-4 Internet Technology  lec5-6-7
Internet Technology  Lec8-9-10 internet lec11-12-13
Document Object Model practical pptx Internet Technology lec  IT 1