Computer Science & Information Technology – Semester -2


Linear Algebra and Geometry

Lec1-Introduction-Linear Algebra lec2–Matrices lec3-DETERMINANTS
lec4-Cramer’s Rule lec5 – Jordan Form LEC6&7-Inverse of Matrices
Lec8&9-Orthogonal-And Orthogonal tranformations LEC10&11&12-Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors Lec13&14-Vectors Part




Discrete Mathematics (MAT116)

Lect10_11_Recursion lect12_ growth of functions
Lect13_Sequences_Summations lect14_computation  complexity of algorithms
Intro_ Discrete Mathematics
Lect1_2_propositional_logic-1 Lect3_Prepositional and Predicate Logic
Lect4-Proof techniques lect5_6_Relations and Functions
Lect7-8_mathematical-induction-new-1 lect9_mathematical_induction-1





Computer Equipment and Environment

LEC1&2 LEC-3-1
LEC4&5-Class-Procedures LEC 6&7-Computer work environment and the use of a PC
LEC 8-9-10 Hazardous_Material PROJEJECTS




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