Career Advice Office Report 2020


Career advice is a dynamic, interactive process that “helps students understand how their personal interests, abilities, and values might predict success in the academic and future working fields they are considering. It helps them to know their real values and the market’s needs to make the best choice.



  • To help undergraduate students and graduates understand how their personal interests, abilities, and values might predict success in the academic and career fields
  • To help undergraduate and graduates of the National University of and others entitled to make well-informed choices about their future career lives.
  • To help undergraduate and graduates of the National University to make appropriate decisions and actions developing their career directions
  • To develop links with the organizations providing appropriate opportunities for students training or graduate jobs.
  • To continue to be the main provider of choice of careers information and guidance within NUSU by cooperation between career advice office and faculties .



The objective of this policy is to :

  • Provide up-to-date information about occupations, fields of work, postgraduate courses and research opportunities.
  • Help students and graduates understand and develop the necessary skills to provide them for any career track they choose.
  • Provide opportunities for students and graduates to understand career competencies, and options through personal discussion with professional advisers.
  • Collaborate with the Faculties staff in activities designed to achieve the aims and objectives.
  • Train and develop staff, to enable these aims and objectives to be achieved.
  • Provide services efficiently free from discrimination, adhering to good practice and professional standards.

Duties/Responsibilities :

  • Avail and distribute literature on career advice for NUSU students.
  • Facilitate the accessibility of student to career information.
  • Emphasize career hunt starts early with good grades and time management at university
  • Arrange meetings with final years students and graduates on career choices relevant to their major specializations
  • Plan training of staff in career advice aspects.

Contact links :

  • Email:
  • Mobile: 002499990997818

Office achievements:

  • On 8/8/2018, career advisers career advisers for each faculty had been nominated in deans meeting.
  • All advisers notified about aim, objectives and requirements(time table of events and feedback reports)
  • Career advice office received feedback reports for student meeting for all batches and from all faculties -academic year 2018-2019. (all report delivered to Student Affair office Quality office) .
  • Participation in second medical career conference in Khartoum university which held on 27th-29th of February 2020 as a main speaker with a lecture entitled (Career Dilemma) ,to get a benefit from National University experience as one of the first Sudanese university establishing career advice office .
  • Career advise books (15 book) in library were checked .(all are out of date)

Future plan: C:\Users\Sarah\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\5c585925cd9a8.png

  • Collaborate with CPD to prepare a course intended for practitioners working with career services staff in undergraduate, graduates and postgraduate. They will gain theoretical foundation, communication and helping skills to facilitate, motivate and work successfully with diverse population.
  • Prepare the first career advice and career developments conference include career expos event .(career expo or career fair is an event in which students give information to potential employees while Job seekers agencies will be invited )
  • Planning for study about the( Satisfaction f Students About their Field of study).Evaluating satisfaction of students (our customers ) about the field of study is one of the most important factors in the students education and success ,this issue should be in the top priority of educational planning .


Batch one – Faculty of International Relations and Diplomatic Studies.

Lecture title :My Life way


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Faculty of Medical Laboratory Sciences