National University-Sudan

Faculty of radiography and medical imaging Sciences

Career Advice office

Sessions report

Date: 14.01.2020



Supervisor of Career Advice Office Faculty Dean :

Sarah Suliman prof. Mohammed Elfadil


Meeting number1
Date and time31.12.2019 – 1:00 am
Targets1st & 2nd year student
Attendance120 student + 3 teaching staff member
Session titleCareer advice
Main speakersDr. Maha Esmael


Scope of the work:

A lecture was presented for the fourth year students and covered the following aspects:

  1. A discussion the reasons that students chose to study radiography.
  2. Importance of radiology among the modern sciences
  3. A detailed explanation for each radiologic technologist’s specializations
  4. How to choose the appropriate specialization
  5. The courses to be taught in each specialization
  6. The future career opportunities regarding each specialization
  7. Importance of continuous self-development
  8. Student should pass the basic subjects because it is the basic for another specialist subject

The main speaker was Dr. Maha after covering the main objective she gave the students with valuable advices, and the importance about the courses they are tacking know and their work and career on the future . Finally she told them in brief about the specialty that they could be Also encourage them to acquire knowledge in order to be successful in their field .

Meeting Conclusion:

Most of the comments from the students were positive, and they were thrilled with information obtained from this lecture and asked questions about master degree and more about the higher degree. Also they wanted another lecture about courses that they can do to improve their career and scholarship out of Sudan.


Meeting number2
Date and time31.12.2019 – 02:00 pm
Targets3rd year student
Attendance70 student + 2 teaching staff member
Session titleCareer advice for under graduates (patients right )
Main speakersDr. Amel Sami

Scope of the work:

A lecture conducted for the third year students as they will start their clinical practice on this semester and covered the following aspects:

  1. Patient consent.
  2. Patient privacy.
  3. Bill of rights / patient care partnership.
  4. Importance of radiology among the medical sciences.
  5. Importance of continuous self-development on their field.

Firstly Dr. Amal spoke to them about relationship of the courses they are studying and their clinical practice at the hospital; also encouraged them to be participate in radiology departments activities, to be creative, initiative and give their best. Also she told them about her own experience and encouraged them to set goal for themselves.

Meeting Conclusion:

The students were glad about the lecture and asked questions about the job challenges and the complex cases that may face them on the practice and if they have the right to conduct a diagnostic report for the images they make after graduation. And more questions about scholarships.

Presenters participated in the sessions:

  1. Dr. Maha Esmael

B.Sc., in Diagnostic Radiology AAU-2001

M.Sc., Diagnostic Radiology – Sudan Unversity-SUST-2006

PhD, in. Diagnostic Radiology –KyungHee University-South Korea-Soul-2010 Research interests: CT scan imaging ,MRI imaging, ultrasound imaging.

  1. Dr. Amal Sami

B.Sc., in diagnostic radiology, Sudan Unversity-SUST- 2008 M.Sc., Diagnostic Radiology – Sudan Unversity-SUST-2012

On going PhD, in. diagnostic radiology, Sudan University-SUST

Research interests: diagnostic radiology.