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Career Advice office

Meeting No-1

Title: – My Life Way

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My Life Way


The faculty arranged this meeting to exchange of knowledge between professors and the students. Beside they have to know about the faculty and the career.


Meeting details:

The session was open by prof. Bakri Musa who started the session reflected his background on his life and how he started looking for work in early time to support himself to face the sفعيغ himself to face the study life and how he started looking for work in early time to support himself wtudy need. Shared his career and academic background, from the university until post graduate studies. Then he reflected his work career and how he develops


himself. Prof. Bakri advised them to challenge life not to give up unless they reach their aims.

They must:

  • Must open the door to look to the life not to look through windows.
  • They have to be like the ant how it suffers to reach its goals, facing storm, rocks and water.
  • They must encourage their language especially English language as the first one in the world.
  • Emphasise that they must read and develop their skills in media and software.


Student’s reactions:

Students were reflected good attitude of what they listen from prof. Bakri and they exchanged with him questions on some details. How he achieved and faced the obstacles and challenges that he defeated.

At the end of the session they tanks prof, Bakri of what he introduced and how he spired them to look for the future from different glasses.