CA-Faculty of Administrative Sciences

National University-Sudan


Career Advice office

First year students meeting report

Date: 24.09.2018


Supervisor of Career Advice Office: UZ.Maysoon Zakaria Algoosi

Faculty Dean: Prof. Abdelgadir .M. Ahmed

Career advice is a dynamic, interactive process that “helps students understand how their personal interests, abilities, and values might predict success in the academic and career fields they are considering and how to form their academic and career goals accordingly.


  • To help undergraduate students, postgraduate students, and graduates understand how their personal interests, abilities, and values might predict success in the academic and career fields
  • To help undergraduate, postgraduate students and graduates of the National University of and others entitled to use our services to make well-informed choices about their future career lives.
  • To help undergraduate, postgraduate students, and graduates of the National University to make appropriate decisions and actions developing their career directions
  • To develop links with the range of organizations providing appropriate opportunities for students training or graduate jobs.
  • To continue to be the main provider of choice of careers information and guidance within NUSU by cooperation between career advice office and faculties.


  • To source and provide up-to-date information about occupations, fields of work, postgraduate courses and research opportunities.
  • To help students and graduates understand and develop the necessary skills to provide them for any career track they choose.
  • To provide opportunities for students and graduates to understand career competencies, and options through personal discussion with professional advisers.
  • To provide expert advice and information on career issues to organizations outside the University.
  • To collaborate with the University and Faculties in activities designed to achieve our services objectives.
  • To train and develop staff, to enable these aims and objectives to be achieved.
  • To provide our services efficiently and free from discrimination, adhering to good practice and professional standards.
Meeting number 1
Date and Time 16.09.2018 12:00pm
Place PB-6
Targets First year Students
Attendees 111 Students+5 teaching Staff members
Session Title Orientation for successful college life

Main Speakers Prof. Abdalgadir M. Ahmed

Uz. Sahar Ali

Scope of the work:

An orientation session was delivered for the first year students, aiming to improve the studies in the college to reach the highest levels possible (locally and internationally), the speaker was Prof. Abdalgadir M. Ahmed dean of faculty & Uz. Sahar Ali

Here are some of the topics covered in the session:

1. The reasons for why students choose to study administrative sciences.

2. Fundamentals of the administrative sciences

3. Importance of administrative sciences

4. Importance of the professional

5. Future career opportunities

6. Importance of determining the specialization and career tracks at early time.

7. Importance of continuous self development.

8. Awareness of university systems and safety measures.

9. Discussion about University accreditation

Meeting Conclusion:

The speakers provided the new students with extensive information about NUSU and the faculty of administrative sciences, including the roles & regulations, different schools, programs.

At the end of the session, some lecturers, and the supervisor of career advice office gave the students some advices to guide them to the best methods in their educational progress and the essential elements to help them as soon as they enrolls in the university.

They were delighted by the content and the usefulness of the talk. Also, they were satisfied by the valuable information they received. Majority of students were motivated by joining the faculty of administrative sciences and eager to start their first classes. After the Q/A session, some students show their early interest in obtaining more information about the diverse specializations provided the faculty of administrative sciences.