Date: 08.11.2020

National University-Sudan

Career Advice office

Faculty of Medical Laboratory Science

Supervisor of Career Advice Office: Khaled A. Mumin

Faculty Dean: Dr. Mohamed. A. Mahdi


A very wide range of students in our country do lack orientation and mentorship, especially in terms of identifying their career future or setting their future plans. Therefore, an idea of establishing a career advice center has been generated so as to fill in those gaps and light up the venues for NUSU students.


Targeted goals for this center are many, may include:

  • Providing students with necessary guidance and advice regarding choosing their future plans.
  • Introducing the students of our university to work environment.
  • Providing students with the required tools such as training sessions and workshops, so as to raise their level of awareness and competency.

In this report, are the steps undertaken to achieve the above objectives.

Date and Time05.11.2020 10:30 a.m
TargetsSecond year Students
  • 40 Students.
  • Supervisor of second year
Session TitleCareer Dilemma
SpeakersU. Sara Elsheikh

Scope of the work:

A lecture titled Career Dilemma was presented for the second year students. The main speaker was U. Sara Elsheikh, a lecturer and coordinator of postgraduate studies at faculty of medical laboratory sciences, national university – Sudan. The lecture covered the following aspects:

  1. A debate on the reasons for why students choose to study MLS.
  2. Fundamentals of the MLS field and its concerns.
  3. Importance of MLS amongst the modern sciences
  4. Rank of MLS specialist amongst other Medical professions
  5. Future career opportunities
  6. Importance of determining the specialization and career tracks at early time and how to plan for it.
  7. Importance of continuous self-development.
  8. Importance of MLS professional ethics.

Closing the session, the supervisor of career advice office, supplied the students with viable advices, persuading them to acquire the morals and knowledge in order to be successful model for the first year students.

Meeting Conclusion:

Students were highly motivated by initiative. They asked questions about what should they do to be a successful in MLS fields.

Most of the comments from the students were positive, and they were pleased with knowledge obtained from this lecture. Students ask to repeat this session again with focusing in some details.

Date and Time05.11.2020 08:30 a.m
TargetsThird year Students
Attendees80 Students+ Supervisor of second year
Subject TitleHow to Select MLS Specialty

U. Mansour Elsharief ( Hematology Department )

U. Musa Omer (Histopathology Department )

U. Sahar Omer (Microbiology Department )

U. Khawla ( Parasitology Department )

Scope of the work:

The lecture organized by the career advice office for the third year student. The speakers were from different departments at the faculty of Medical Laboratory Sciences; head of hematology department, head of histopathology department, lecturer from microbiology and parasitology department.

The lecture covered the following aspects:

  1. A detailed explanation for each specialization in MLS
  2. How to choose the appropriate one.
  3. The courses to be taught in each specialization
  4. The future career opportunities regarding each specialization

The speakers gave a brief summary about her/his experiences and the basis on which students can lay to choose a certain specialization.

Meeting Conclusion:

Students welcomed the initiative. They asked questions about opportunities in MLS field. Meaning while, most of the students were comforted with the contents of the lecture, admitting that some information were clarified for them for the first times.

Date and Time07.11.2020 12:30 pm
TargetsForth year Students
Attendees55 Students
Session TitleDefining Students Career Tracks

Dr. Zuhair Yagoub

U. Samoal

U. Fatima Elshikh

Scope of the work:

A lecture has been organized for final year students to explain the different career opportunities after graduation in addition to importance of postgraduate studies.

The first speaker; Dr. Zuhair Yagoub, head department of chemical pathology, who chose the academic and private diagnostic laboratories track. From his own experience, he told the students about the barriers he faced and the deeds he has done to attain the current level of success. In addition, Dr. Zuhair told the students about the possibility of being academic and having business.

He was followed by the second speaker, U. Samoal H. Othman, lecturer at parasitology department, he talked about his different experiences in ministry of health such as in administration of medical laboratories. He did also tell the students about the different regulations of ministry of health which are related to the field of MLS.

The last speaker was U. Fatima Elshikh, lecturer at microbiology department and phD candidate. She talked about how the graduate student find a chance in a research centers and how to be a good researcher in the different research area.

Finally, U. Sara Elshihk, lecturer at microbiology department and coordinator of postgraduate studies in faculty of medical laboratory sciences –NUSU, she told the students about the significance and different requirements related to the postgraduate studies. In addition, tow video files were presented at the end of the session by Dr. Yasin Elfaki and Mr. Mohamed Salih, they told the students about postgraduate studies and how they can find opportunities in scholarships outside Sudan.

At the end of the lecture, the supervisor of career advice office commented on the points started by the speakers, agreed with the importance of career advice office role.

Meeting Conclusion:

Students were strongly reacting with the presenters, asking questions and inquiring about how they could find a career opportunity in the desired specialization.

Students asked if they can communicate with the presenters after the session finished so they can talk to them freely.

Overall conclusion:

It has been noted that:

  • Students react strongly with this initiative, taking their future career and plans in a serious way.
  • Some stereotypes about the MLS field were changed in students’ minds.
  • At the end of the program, students were able to contact with the presenters, bearing in consideration their need to be mentored and oriented.


It has been recommended that such initiatives should be conducted on regular basis, with the importance of engaging students in this process so as to achieve the maximum benefit. Furthermore, it’s recommended that a career fare should be organized so as to link students with the ventures working in the MLS fields.