Outlines To Career In Dentistry

Dr. Nada Tawfig BDS, MSc, PhD

  • Practicing
  • Start post graduate studies and memberships
  • Career shift.
  • 2 years of (House man ship +National service).
  • Graduation from University (5 years)

What is Career in Dentistry :

  • Dentistry is a profession deals with the inspection and treatment of teeth, gums and other parts of the oral cavity.
  •  A dentist especially takes care of problems affecting the teeth. Common procedures are removal, correction and replacement of decayed, damaged or lost teeth.

What is Career in Dentistry :

  • Dentistry, a worthwhile profession, is concerned with all health problems afflicting the mouth, teeth, gums and other hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity.
  •  It is accepted as a professional field, which includes dental care and correction. Dentists help people maintain their health and appearance.
  • Dentistry is changing rapidly, creating many opportunities and challenges. To an extent, it includes cosmetology where corrective treatment is involved. Dentists improve patients’ appearance by using a wide variety of cosmetic dental procedures

What is Career in Dentistry :

  • This career offers high wages and flexible work schedule. You also get the opportunity to be your own boss if you choose to start your own practice. What’s more, dental care is a growing industry because you will never miss anyone who has not had problems with their teeth.

Dental Career Advice :

  • After graduation you will be considering whether to pursue a career in general practice or as a specialist.

Practice and Specialties

  • Inside Sudan
  • Outside Sudan

Practice :

  • Sudan

  • European Countries

  • Arabic countries (KSA, UAE, Qatar, etc.)

Specialist Inside Sudan :

  • MD (SMSB)
  • Clinical MSc, PhD (U of K).

Specialist Outside Sudan :

Fellow ships

Degrees (MSc, PhD)

  • Turkey
  • South Africa

  • Egypt (Cairo, Ainshams, Alexandria)

  • UK, USA, Canada, Norway, Swede.

Research Challenge :

  • “Experienced researchers should mentor young scientists to be like them rather than just using them to generate their data. In addition, issues of scientific writing [and] publishing should be integrated in the formal undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.” (Male respondent, Senegal).
  • “When I first wanted to publish, I needed someone to assist me in turning my dissertation report into a publication. I approached two professors, but they kept postponing the meeting dates until I gave  up.”

Don't Forget :