Alumni Office Policy

Alumni Office Policy-1


The institution was established in 2005 as the ‘National College for Medical and Technical Studies’. From 2005 to 2013 it was a Private Limited Company, known as ‘National College Company’. From 2013, the ownership status changed to a public registered company, known as the ‘ National Company for Advanced Educational Systems’. As a public company, it is controlled by national laws and is registered and monitored by the Khartoum Stock Market. In 2013 the institution was made a full University, known as the National University- Sudan (NUSU)

Currently the range of programme embraces bachelor degrees in the following subject areas: medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, medical laboratory science, nursing and midwifery, radiography, physiotherapy, health informatics and administrative science, international relations & diplomatic studies, engineering. a masters degree in human clinical anatomy, radiography and medical imaging sciences, Medical laboratory sciences.

It is estimated that NUSU and all higher learning institutions that merged have already graduated more than 2395 students who are found at various levels of responsibilities in all sectors of social, economic and political life of Sudan, in many other countries and international organizations around the world.

Most Graduate are appreciate and proud to their studying times on university and looking forward to play role on fulfill general vision of NUSU, there for this policy is ground for building continuous fruitful relationship between Alumni and NUSU.


The Alumni office Policy aims at to plan strategy, structures and activities in order to facilitate collaboration and synchronization between stakeholders, particularly with a view to optimizing the relationships between the NUSU and its alumni.


3.1 NUSU ALUMNI: are defined as all people who studied at the national University Sudan or at any one of the institutions that merged or integrated into NUSU

3.2 NUSU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION (NAA) and Chapter : is defined as an association of all NUSU Alumni aimed at fostering the relations between the Alumni and their Alma Matter as well as advancing their mutual interests.

3.3 NUSU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION CHAPTER: is defined as a cluster of NUSU Alumni established along commonly shared interests, such as College, School, Department, professional, regional, residential, sport, cultural, etc. Chapters are established under the guidance of and in accordance to the by-laws of the NAA and they determine their own objectives and activities in line with the overall purpose of NAA.

3.4 NUSU ALUMNI PROGRAM: is defined as activities developed and implemented by Alumni Office or by NUSU Alumni Association with the objective of building and strengthening the relations between NUSU and its Alumni and for their mutual benefits


NUSU recognizes and values the importance of maintaining ties with its Alumni and of involving them in the life and development of the university from their feedback. There are many benefits that may be accrued from active relations between stockholders and Alumni

The Alumni Office and the NUSU Alumni Association pursue the following vision, mission and objectives:

Our vision is to involve the greatest possible number of alumni and alumnae with NUSU on an annual basis by creating a range of programs and services so appealing that alumni will seek to remain engaged with the University and each other.

To advance the NUSU through programs that strengthen relationships with alumni for their life-long development through the Alumni networks ; and towards achieving NUSU aspirations and responsibility toward the community beside establish spirit of loyalty to university and cultivate relationships between students :Past, present and future .


  • encourage meaningful ties between alumni and other NUSU stakeholders
  • Collaborate with other NUSU stakeholders in engaging alumni and students
  • Strengthen communications with alumni and other NUSU stakeholders
  • Provide life-long learning and career opportunities for NUSU alumni
  • Create opportunities for alumni to give back of their time, talent and resources


The implementation of this policy is done through the following structures:

NUSU Alumni Office: This office will be responsible of coordinating university-wide activities related to Alumni Relations, including among others – Creation of a database of all NUSU Alumni, – Establishing an efficient communication system between NUSU and its Alumni and keeping the Alumni with major events and developments in NUSU as well as of major career achievements by fellow Alumni; – elaborating a strategic plan for NUSU Alumni Relations as well as annual action plans and budgets; – recognizing and awarding Alumni who have made exceptional achievements; – supporting the activities of the NUSU Alumni Association; – Facilitating Alumni’s involvement in the life of NUSU; – Fundraising activities involving NUSU Alumni.

NUSU Alumni Association (NAA): This is an association of all graduates of NUSU and all its predecessors, i.e. all the institutions of higher learning that merged or were integrated into NUSU. It elects an Executive Committee which, in coordination with the NSU Alumni office , is responsible of planning and coordinating the implementation of all Alumni activities. The NAA establishes its Constitution (By-laws) which determines its vision, missions and values as well as sets its organizational and operational guidelines. NAA closely works with and is supported by NUSU Alumni Office in all its activities to ensure that they contribute to furthering the interests of NUSU and its Alumni.

NAA Chapters: These are groups of NUSU Alumni established along shared backgrounds or interests such as same geographic region (Country, Province, District, City/Town, Sector, etc.), College, School, Department, Profession, etc., but pursuing objectives that are consistent with NAA’s purpose and mission, i.e. strengthening the relations between NUSU and its Alumni for the furtherance of their mutual interests.


The policy shall be subject to review by the Graduation and Alumni affairs Committee every 2 years or more frequently as the management may determine.


This policy shall come into effect on the date of its approval by the President of the National University -Sudan

Prof.Qurashi M.Ali

President of NUSU