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National University-Sudan
Khartoum-Alraqi Neighborhood


Congratulations to all the students who have been accepted for admission to the National University- Sudan for the 2020/2021 academic year in the:

  1. Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
  2. Faculty of Dental Medicine and Surgery
  3. Faculty of Clinical and Industrial Pharmacy
  4. Faculty of Medical Laboratory Sciences
  5. Faculty of Physiotherapy
  6. Faculty of Radiography and Medical Imaging Sciences
  7. Faculty of Computer Sciences and Information Technology
  8. Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
  9. Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery Sciences
  10. Faculty of Administrative Sciences
  11. Faculty of International Relations and Diplomatic Sciences
  12. Diploma of Physiotherapy

This is to notify that registration for the faculties will commence on Saturday 6/3/2021 and will close on Saturday 20/3/2021. Medical examinations (check up) and student interviews will take place from Sunday 7/3/2021 until Saturday 20/3/2021.Classes will begin on Sunday 21/3/2021.

In order to complete their registration, students must abide by the following;

  1. All students must come in to the registration office on campus personally (registration by another person on behalf of the student is not permissible)
  2. Students must bring in the original version and a copy of their national ID number/card (Sudanese students) or their passport (international students)
  3. Students must bring in the original version and a copy of their high school certificate
  4. Students must bring in 6 passport sized photographs
  5. Students must pay the required fees for their specific faculty
  6. Any student who misses the registration deadline will forfeit their seat at the National University- Sudan and their acceptance form will be returned to the Ministry of Higher Education

Registration is to be completed in the Registration Office, Main University Building, Ground Floor, GF- 8, National University-Sudan, Khartoum, Alraqi Neighborhood (south of Giad Motors)

For further inquiries please contact 0155772782

Alsamani Mohamed Elsheikh Registrar-National University (Sudan)

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